May 232016
Video Game Rage

Source: Angry Video Game Nerd

A father in Texas is accused of killing his 2 year old daughter when she allegedly interrupted him while gaming. With disturbing news stories like this, it’s easy to see why there is an alarm going off for society to step back and take a look if there is a link between violent video games and rage.

Source: The Washington Post

Healthline states that there is a consistent relationship between violent video game use and aggression/rage. Specifically, video game rage decreases the following in the gamer:

  • Prosocial behavior
  • Empathy
  • Sensitivity to aggression

Is Game Violence Just the Bogeyman?

It’s not a clear cut story of cause and effect. Since a driving simulation game called Death Race was pulled from an Illinois amusement park in 1976, the topic of video games causing rage has been a heated debate. According to The Guardian video game violence is a favored “bogeyman” for politicians, press and pressure groups, but definitive evidence is sorely lacking.

In a 2011 supreme court ruling Brown v. Entertainment Merchant Association/Entertainment Software Association (ESA) states that there is no proof that violent video games causes teenagers to act aggressively. In fact, Dr. Vic Strasburger, a Pediatrics Emeritus at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, states that violent video game use was just one of four factors for several school shooters he treated. The other three were victims of abuse and/or bullying, mental illness, and social isolation.

To date there has not been a reliable study clearing showing that violent video gaming causes rage. It is actually argued, by some gamers, to be a healthy outlet for “letting off steam”. Gaming is said to be a healthy form of escapism. But is it?


Ok for You, May Not be Ok for Me

Let’s face it, the graphics on video games today are amazingly lifelike and very realistic. Is it necessary or even healthy for an impressionable kid under the age of ten to witness and/or be a party a crime (i.e Grand Theft Auto); even if it is committed in a virtual world? Don’t you think these images are ingrained in their brains?

I can remember seeing a snippet of a movie preview for the Exorcist before my mother realized I was in the room. Just the music and quick image of a possessed Linda Blair was enough to give me nightmares for weeks on end.

How about being inserted into a war scene where you break into a flop sweat trying to kill insurgents before they kill you, way more interactive and therefore way more memorable in my opinion.

There may not be definitive proof that video games in themselves cause rage, but we must remember that in some cases violent video games are a catalyst for rage.

Find Out More About Video Game Rage

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May 102016
"I have a drinking problem"

“I have a drinking problem” from the movie Airplane 1980

Who is in Charge Here Anyway?

Passengers Behaving Badly

A recent air rage case has gotten a lot of attention lately in the US. Three Spirit Airlines passengers on a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the airline. The claimants alleged the carrier provided excessive alcohol and failed to protect them from injury, according to a CNN report.

In personal injury cases, there are three primary factors that come into play:

  1. Liability – whether the defendant (Spirit Airlines) was at fault
  2. Amount of damages
  3. Defendant’s ability to pay

In this case, factor three is a non-issue since commercial airlines are deemed to have “deep pockets”. In all reality, the focus will be to get an out of court settlement (i.e.“nuisance” payment) to make the claimants go away.

However, this case brings up more to ponder than how big of a windfall an airline passenger can get. The main point of the case is that  passengers were allegedly over-served by the airline employee.  So, who’s responsible for air rage caused by unruly passengers?

Legal Obligation to Care for Cargo

US federal regulation provides general support for airlines to create and enforce rules of conduct on their planes through the stipulation that they are legally obligated to care for their cargo; in this case human passengers. In an article by Mashable, the regulations state “drinks can’t be served to anyone who ‘appears’ to be intoxicated or who “has a deadly or dangerous weapon accessible to him while aboard the aircraft” (that would only apply to Air Marshals, hopefully).

When I researched Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policies regarding alcohol consumption for passengers, the only specific guidelines I found were regarding pilots (thank goodness) and the amount/kind of alcohol that can be packed in luggage and/or carried onto a plane. So it’s up to the airlines to create and enforce rules to safeguard their passengers.

Today, it is up to the flight attendant to determine when a passenger has had “enough”. Unfortunately, when the passenger has had enough, it is often too late to control their behavior. Airlines need to create and enforce alcohol drink limits for their passengers before it gets to that point; including a policy to flat out cut off anyone that shows signs of being belligerent on one of their flights. 

Europe is Making a Move

Traveller reports on a recent move by a Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) that has imposed a 3 drink limit for all passengers on flights within Europe. In fact, International Air Transport Association (ISTA) sanctioned a study on the subject called “The Devil in Our Mist”, the devil being the unruly passenger. As a result of the study, the ISTA  called for an action to reduce the number of unruly passengers who disrupt flights through excessive alcohol consumption. However, the ISTA has not made any proposals about alcohol restrictions on flights; this bold move will still be up to the airline to define and enforce.

In regard to US airlines, if the three Spirit Airline passengers win their case, a US commercial airline will have a real economic incentive to do something about unruly passengers, not just ride out a bad behavior until the plane lands.

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Apr 182016

anger turned to rage, life rage, rage triggers, Life Rage by Timothy A. Dimoff

Keep Anger from Becoming Rage

If your temper is hijacking your life, it’s time to take a step back and assess the situation. When anger crosses over and harms you or others, it officially becomes a problem called rage. However, as with most things in life, where there is a problem, there usually is a solution. 

Anger is a Legitimate Emotion

Anger is a real emotion that helps keep us safe and in some cases enables us to be assertive when needed. For example, when a person is suffering from emotional abuse in the workplace or in their home, getting angry can be the catalyst to stop the cycle of abuse.  According to the feeling is not the problem, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. When anger morphs into rage, you most definitely have a problem. Be assured, however that there are ways to prevent rage from rearing its’ ugly head.

You Have More Control Than You Think

Learning to express your emotions without hurting someone involves looking under the hood, so to speak. To acknowledge that you can have control over your rage is the first step in the process. The next step is to find out what is really behind your anger. 

Covering Up Other Feelings with Anger

Often anger issues can be traced back to coping techniques learned in childhood. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if there is a source for the anger:

  • Are you unable to compromise? (i.e. you always have to be right, otherwise you feel like a failure)
  • Do you have trouble expressing emotions other than anger? (i.e. you avoid fear, guilt or shame like the plague, instead you always act tough and in control, no matter the situation)
  • When someone disagrees with you, do you take it personally? (i.e. you are unable to consider a different opinion or viewpoint, if it’s not yours, it is not right)

In order to achieve self-understanding, emotional awareness must be present. Once there is emotional awareness, the full range of human emotions can be used appropriately, leaving anger as one of many emotions — instead of the “go-to” emotion.


Don’t Give into Fight or Flight

Ever heard of “fight or flight”? Although this is a subconscious reaction to conflict for animals and humans alike, humans are able to circumvent this knee-jerk reaction to stress.  Anger is almost always due to some kind of “trigger” event. 


For example, in a hostile work environment where your work is belittled in front of others, could be a trigger for your anger. In that kind of situation, the feeling of failure is covered up under a nice, neat blanket of anger. 


If you accept that this is out of your control and you do not take it personally, there is a better chance that anger can be kept in check. It doesn’t make that other person’s action acceptable, it just means that you recognize the need for self-preservation, but you are not going to let the other person get to you. The result to knowing your triggers give you a much better chance of keeping your anger in check

If You Must Fight, Fight Fair

Anger happens to all of us. When it does, fighting fair is paramount to preventing anger from turning into rage. You can fight fair by remembering this quick checklist:

  • Are you being respectful of other viewpoints?
  • Are you focusing on the present issue only?
  • Are you choosing this battle or are you arguing to just argue?
  • Are you able to forgive and forget?
  • Are you able to agree to disagree?


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Apr 042016
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Are you a road rager?

Road Rage, A Daily Occurrence


On April 3, 2016 in Sacramento, California two road rage incidents occurred virtually at the same time according to The Sacramento Bee. One incident took place on Interstate 80 and the other took place at a local drive-thru. Both involved shootings that resulted in injury. The article went on to recap three other road rage incidents that had taken place in the Sacramento area within the last year.


This leads me to pose the question; Has road rage just become a part of everyday life? The answer, unfortunately, seems to be yes. 

Road Rage is On the Rise

Fatal accidents caused by enraged drivers has increased nearly 10 fold since 2004 according to The National Traffic Safety Administration. In 2004, police attributed 26 fatal crashes on our nation’s highways to road rage or aggression. In 2013, the number increased to 247. 


Official Road Rage Guide at the DMV

It is pretty telling that road rage is here to stay when the Department of Motor Vehicles officially recognizes and provides a guide about road rage. 


On their website, the DMV provides suggestions on “how to deal with it”:


  • Back off from aggressive drivers (i.e pull over and let them pass)
  • Know your own driving style (i.e. do you drive too slowly or too aggressively?)
  • Do not be an instigator (i.e. don’t tailgate)
  • Maintain defensive driving skills (i.e. be alert in case someone doesn’t use their turn signals, looks like they are texting or not paying attention)


I would be surprised if there is a driver out there today who hasn’t been a target of some kind of road rage or felt it themselves. I, for one, have experienced road rage either toward my driving or I toward other drivers. Fortunately, it never escalated to violence. When another driver has shown anger toward me it has only resulted in accelerated heartbeat and a palpable fear until I was safely parked in my garage. When I have felt anger toward another driver, it was usually because I was already in a bad mood, or harboring negative feelings about something that happened earlier that day. We must remember that not all driving is aimed at us personally. We as drivers must be aware that there are good choices and bad choices when confronted with road rage. Anger on our highways does not have to end in violence. We must all learn how to control anger.


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Mar 282016
Life Rage by Timothy A. Dimoff, life rage, rage triggers

Are you at the tipping point with rage?


Haven’t we’ve been told by various resources like our parents, our friends and media sources that the only way to truly get rid of our rage is to let it out? In fact, we’ve been told that it’s “unhealthy” to bottle it up! Sorry to break the news, but rage is not healthy in any way shape or form. According to a non-for-profit guide to mental health and well being, out-of-control anger, aka rage, can result in a lot of problems including:


  • Physical health problems like heart disease, a weakened immune system, insomnia and of course, high blood pressure
  • Mental health problems including stress, signs of depression
  • Career problems such as alienation, loss of respect and a bad reputation as a hothead which creates a hostile work environment
  • Relationship problems which will label you as hard to trust, someone you have to walk on eggshells around, or basically someone who is unapproachable

So as you can see, rage needs to be stopped in it’s tracks, before it can create a plethora of additional, long-lasting issues for you and the people around you.


Know Your Triggers

People don’t experience rage in a vacuum. Rage is usually based upon a series of events, not just one isolated incident. (Life Rage pg. 29) Before you can control your anger, you must do some internal soul searching to figure out what triggers your rage. Sometimes it’s helpful to even think all the way back to your childhood. 


There may have been a traumatic event that has been internalized that can trigger your rage. Or it may be that you witnessed rage as an everyday, acceptable behavior that has then been hard-wired in you. This could be why you give into rage and fly off the handle, instead of rationally dealing with certain situations. No matter what the trigger is, it is important to identify the source of your rage. Once you have determined whether or not there are significant triggers for your rage, you can begin to prevent it.


Know Your Warning Signs


Unfortunately, it’s not just good enough to know what triggers your rage. Rage happens fast. Your triggers can sneak up on you and before you know it, you’ve blown up! The Conversation has useful tips that can help you prevent your rage. 


Physical Signs of Rage

The way you physically feel when one of your triggers are initiated is very powerful because it is a subconscious reaction to a specific situation/issue. Some physical signs of rage are tightness in your shoulders, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, shaking hands,or a red face.

Behavioral Signs of Rage

There are also behavioral warning signs that need to be acknowledged as identified by Therapist Aid. Although these signs are more easily associated with rage, it is important to recognize that your are doing them. Some signs of rage are:

  • immediately becoming argumentative
  • mind going blank, 
  • becoming physically aggressive, 
  • not able to move on from a particular issue or problem and in turn becoming obsessive about it. 

You must admit these behavior signs though; as denial will not help control your rage. Knowing your warning signs, and taking a moment to acknowledge them is the most effective way to nip your rage in the bud. Once you are able to own up to your behavior, you can move on to rage prevention.


Rage Prevention Strategy

There are life changing actions that can help you move beyond just controlling your rage. In order to truly prevent rage, your life must be open to positive change. 

According to Life Rage by Timothy A Dimoff there are helpful rage prevention techniques that can be incorporated into your life. They include to: 


  • Pursue Simplicity
  • Become Positive
  • Show Gratitude
  • Develop Outward Thinking
  • Accept Change
  • Seek the Spiritual


Read Life Rage to Find Out More About Rage Prevention 

If you are looking to learn more about rage prevention contact Author Timothy A. Dimoff at 330-255-1101 to order your Life Rage copy! He will sign it and ship it to you or you can come by his office between the hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday to obtain the book! The cost is $20 plus shipping and handling.